Glutton for punishment

We decided to tackle our bathroom remodel to get a quick “win”. I mean, nothing could take as long as tiling the whole house, right?! Oh silly rabbit. Here we are in another massively long remodel. Part of the problem is we lost a couple weekends here and there and right now I’m in Virginia so when the contractor is away my labor will play.

We have everything tiled and grouted and we just have the vanity and accessories to complete. But, Adam is building the vanity from scratch. So, that’s probably going to take a minute. I do have a tip if you are remodeling a bathroom and need a standard size vanity top. Both Floor & Decor and Home Depot sell quartz and marble tops for pretty reasonable prices. The undermount square sink is included and it is pre-drilled with 3 holes for your faucet. I think we are going to give that a try.

Here are some progression photos.

After we finished tiling, we grouted. You will not find any photos of the grouting process because it SUCKS!! Finished product below, minus the caulking we need to do. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. We went with black grout so the tile would just seamlessly blend. It’s kinda hard to tell from the photo but it looks really cool.

When we start a remodeling project we always find ourselves adding more to the list and this bathroom was no different. Since we went down to the studs we decided to put in a new window too. Good choice but not a good experience. The first window we bought had a crooked sash. Weird! So, we had to go with the more expensive option, figures….

The original window was frosted, ewww. It let in barely any light so we went with a traditional window with grids. It lets in sooooo much more light.

We also got the floor tiled and grouted. It kinda looks like penny tile but it’s actually a small hexagon pattern. I am so in love with hexagons. We have put them in 3 of our bathrooms we have remodeled. We put the black grout on the floor too. We either needed to do white or black grout. Anything else would have looked dirty. So, we went all in with black.

I’ve been back in Virginia the past couple weeks to take care of a few things at the condo. Man, I missed the cool weather, the shopping, and having literally everything at my fingertips. Also, the food! I couldn’t resist buying a few things on Marketplace either. So far I have bought a Hoover vacuum cleaner (my Shark sucked) and another female portrait (from France). I am on the prowl for anything and everything that will fit in a Honda Civic, lol. That severely limits me.

I’ll be back soon with a tour of my condo. There are a few rooms I haven’t shared with you before.

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