Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

I am really excited to share the final photos of our “master” bathroom with you but we are stuck right now with a shower glass door on back-order. I can’t share an unfinished product with you so the wait continues. When I do our big reveal I will give you a breakdown of the costs as well. I love looking at and reading about full remodels but what I don’t like is the budget and final expenditures are rarely ever shared. And there is a good reason why….when you see a gut bathroom remodel and the after photo features marble and luxurious upgrades please note that remodel cost somewhere between $15-$20K. Doesn’t sound so great anymore, huh? I honestly get more satisfaction out of trying to find the most cost effective way to do something with the biggest bang for the buck.

We did just buy these cute towels for the bathroom from World Market:

After the master bath remodel we were going to move onto the kitchen but now I think I want to detour and do the secondary bathroom. I have decided to live with the current tile around the bathtub and just focus on replacing the vanity, painting, adding removable wallpaper, and redoing the floors. This should be a fairly quick project (famous last words). Here is my inspiration board:

In my last post, I promised to share photos of our condo in the DC area. So, here you go. This is our living room and dining room.

I would say our condo is decorated in a transitional style in designer speak. Our house in Florida has a more mid-century modern vibe. I love experimenting with different styles but I always come back to transitional. You’ll notice my female portraits make a few appearances in the living and dining room. I have even more at our house in Florida. I just can’t quit the portraits. In fact, I bought another one. This is my first watercolor.

Hopefully, I’ll have a bathroom remodel to show you next time.

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