Slow and Steady is Not Winning this Race

I thought putting the kitchen remodel on hold and focusing on the bathroom would be a quick project. What in the world was I thinking? You would think I would’ve learned my lesson by now. So, in case you haven’t guessed, our bathroom remodel is taking the scenic route right now.

Here is our current situation:

We had to put leveler down since the floors were wonky. Then, we had to address this:

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, it was at one time a good idea to put texture on the wall that looks like acne, teenage acne. We talked about pulling out all of the drywall and starting over but that would add to the budget and put us behind our schedule we’re not even following right now. Another idea was to try and sand the walls down to the flat drywall.

Sanding the walls worked relatively well. We need to go back over the walls with a skim coat but I think that will solve the problem for very little $$. When you get into these remodels there are always things you add after the fact. This remodel is no different. Since we took the bathroom basically down to the studs I decided we needed a new window for the bathroom too. As you can see above, it is just outdated and won’t look good with our new bathroom. We purchased a new window with grids that will hopefully help modernize the space.

This is my favorite part of the remodel, we expanded the doorway into the bathroom to a standard 30 inch opening. A huge improvement over the 24 inches before.

I don’t know if you can truly see the difference expanding the doorway made. Here is the before picture (below). Can you imagine Adam trying to squeeze through that doorway?

Sometimes it is the little changes that make the biggest difference. The enlarged doorway is a game-changer!! If you follow my blog posts (thank you) I shared my inspiration/mood board for the bathroom remodel on my last post. Well, I threw that out the window. Once we had to replace and move some plumbing (that’s expensive ya’ll) that wasn’t in the budget so I had to reset my tile expectations. For whatever reason the green tile I want to use just isn’t meant to be so I have switched to a dark blue (below). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We will not be doing herringbone in this bathroom. We are going to use a dark grout and lay the tile in a vertical stack for a little bit of a modern look.

I also changed my mind on the floor tile. I decided to go a more classic, serene route. I just can’t get away from a hexagon pattern, I love it! I don’t want to do a super dark grout. I want something more on the light gray spectrum so we’ll have to play with a couple options to get it just right. The grout color below is too dark.

I would love to say we’ll have tile going up this weekend but I still don’t think we are there yet 😦 That’s our bathroom update.

I’m still furnishing our Tallahassee house and just purchased a rug (below) during a President’s Day sale. I swear, I can look at rugs for hours on end and still be no closer to making a decision. I’m shocked I took the bait on this one. I really hope it looks like the photos in person. I just love the retro pattern.

One final thing…I’m so excited I just booked a trip to Palm Springs, California. This has been on my bucket list forever! I cannot wait to get my mid century modern madness on. Separately, I also booked a trip to Jackson, Wyoming so we could do the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone but I highly advise you not to drink wine while you are booking your trip and recovering from COVID. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the dates I booked and ended up with a 10 day tour. That’s great and all but that wasn’t in the plan. So, missed that deal and will wait to see if it pops again in the near future.

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