A Whole New World, A Whole New Dining Room

Well, what started with a new rug turned into a new dining room. Here’s what I started with (you may remember from the last post).


I really liked the polka dot rug but it was just a pinch too small so I returned it. I finally pulled the trigger and bought a rug from Wayfair (see below).


This rug is really cool, like an abstract painting. But, the curtains don’t match the rug. Luckily, I have two houses with tons of furniture and accessories (there’s some sarcasm there). I took the velvet curtains down and moved them to Spotswood and took the curtains from there and brought them to Stonegate. I spend lots of time arranging and rearranging things…

But, after all is said and done I’m really happy with how the dining room turned out.


It’s driving me crazy how the bar cart isn’t centered underneath Priscilla (the portrait). I’ll figure out what to do soon to fix that. I really like how the room has a bit of a modern feel to it, different than my usual taste. I swear, I have so much fun decorating my house!!

I think I have cured my rug purchasing phobia and I am now eyeing new rugs for our hallway.  Polar opposites, right?! I always chose neutral rugs in the past but I’m really feeling patterned rugs right now.

We are still waiting to get started on our bathroom remodel. Our HOA meeting is this week and fingers crossed our renovation plan is approved. During one of our weekends of waiting we made a quick trip to Philadelphia. The highlight of the trip for me was Bud & Marilyn’s, a restaurant of course. The food was so good…CHEESE CURDS!!!!! The design though… amazing, decorated like a mid-century Midwestern rec room.


We have been to Philadelphia before but we never visited Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both signed. So, we had to check that off the list.


I’ll be back soon with more updates. In the meantime, I’m on the search for our next international vacation.



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