And Just Like That, Another Remodeling Project

We are now in the middle of our master bathroom remodel.  Or, I should say we are in the beginning stages. Here are BEFORE pictures. Spoiler alert, it has the worst layout. Another spoiler alert, we aren’t completely re-configuring the room, just minor tweaks.


So, that’s our builder basic bathroom beauty! Did you notice the size of the “walk-in” shower…more like “scrunch-in” shower. It is pretty much not functional.

Here is the current layout of the bathroom. We have a garden tub and tiny walk-in shower. Not my idea of a great time!

Master Bathroom Old

In the new layout the garden tub is outta here, replaced with a purtty walk-in shower. Where the munchkin shower used to be will be turned into a closet. You can never have enough storage, ya’ll.

Master Bathroom New

Here are photos of our current situation.


The “in progress” photos just aren’t as much fun as the “finished product” photos.

The plumbers are coming tomorrow to move the shower lines and drain and then it will be on like parmesan. We have already purchased the floor tile and it is a really pretty creamy marble. Here it is laid out in a sample pattern.


We popped over to Baltimore this weekend. I don’t know why people hate on Baltimore, I definitely think it is “Charm City.” They have great food, great architectural design stores, and funky neighborhoods. If they built a high speed rail from Baltimore to DC I would totally live in Baltimore.

We hit the jackpot at our first stop, an antique closet door for our bathroom. I LOVE IT! It was exactly what I was looking for.


Adam found this hardware for the door on Ebay. We just need to clean up the green paint and it will be beautiful.


Now for an update on my favorite past-time, travel!!!!! Or, thinking about travel, dreaming about destinations, plotting out possible trips…you get the idea. I think I mentioned before that this is a milestone birthday year for me. To celebrate, I want to take 4 international trips in 2020. So far I booked a trip to France – starting in Paris and ending up in Nice. Then, I booked a trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m still trying to decide on the other two locations, wherever the flight deal takes me. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is threatening my Paris trip but I’m going to hold off canceling as long as I can. I really want to take that trip!

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