The Agony of Design Paralysis

My current life consists of spending an inordinate amount of time rug shopping. I mean lots and lots of time!!!! The problem is I’m online rug shopping and I don’t like online shopping (for most things). I need to see it, touch it, and be able to easily return it if I don’t like it. I don’t want to drive all around DC searching for a rug either because – TRAFFIC. So, here I am, still searching for my forever rug.

I visited Home Goods yesterday and bought a rug, actually THE RUG I was eyeing online and I found it in-person. Problem solved right? Hahahaha, no. I knew the rug would not fit. I have to have at least a 5×8 rug and this was 5 x 7’6…yes, that makes a difference. I bought it anyway just in case they can’t do math but they can and I will be returning it, LOL. I just wanted to see if I was headed in the right direction and I’m not. I need something a little more subdued. So, here is my rug.

Novogratz by Momeni Delmar Boho Dots, Home Goods

So, obviously I don’t have the dining room staged so please excuse the mess. Notice the blue outline on the floor, that’s the dimensions of the rug I’m looking for. I really like this polka dot rug but I think it’s a little extra. I need something not so in-your-face.

So, back to the drawing board. I was in West Elm the other day and found this rug that might work (below).

Birch rug, West Elm

Ok, this is a perfect example of how what you see online looks nothing like real life. Here is the photo of the rug above online (below). It looks gray but the rug in-person looks navy, what the hell?! See why I don’t trust buying something online? Maybe you are wondering why I don’t just buy the West Elm rug. So, I’m being really cheap. I don’t want to pay for shipping. I mean, we have a local West Elm, why do I have to pay shipping??

birch rug
Birch rug, West Elm

When I first started my search process, these were the rugs I was attracted to. Then, I noticed if I didn’t check carefully, they weren’t really 5 x8, they were 5×7’6. That was really frustrating. Just as I was adding the rugs below I noticed the rug on the bottom in the middle is not actually 5×8 so it is out of contention now.

Then, I almost bought this rug ( yes, I have a thing for dots) but after reading the reviews, the rug is brown, not black. I wasn’t sure if that would look right.

almost bought
Textila Hand-Woven Wool Black Area Rug, Wayfair

Then, I started gravitating toward these (below) and I think I am on the right path now. No closer to making a purchase but getting closer.  

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