Design Dilemma

Sooooooooooooooo, I’m living through a renovation right now. Don’t ask me how I feel about that!!! But,  floors are 99.8% done. Now, we are focused on the kitchen. I thought we had everything planned out but we have run into a design dilemma. So, here is the deal-ee-o.

Our kitchen has 9 foot ceilings. We bought 42 inch cabinets. In a normal height kitchen 42 inches goes all the way to the ceiling; with a 9 foot tall ceiling, not so much. Now, we have about an 8 inch gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Here’s a couple photos of what I am talking about.


I’m so frustrated we didn’t properly plan for the 9 foot ceilings but this is a great lesson for future remodels. How do we resolve this huge, horrific problem (yes, I’m being over the top but I can’t stand the gap)?? Two options stand out as a resolution. We can rip all of the upper cabinets out and buy two sets of cabinets (two short ones) to stack on top of each other to get the cabinets to go to the ceiling. See photo options below.

Second option is to build a soffit and frame with fancy crown molding. See photos below.

Which option would you choose? Due to costs we are going to build the soffit and add nice crown molding to address the gap. I think the end product will look nice but it is another project we weren’t anticipating and it puts us further behind schedule, UGH.

Hopefully, my next post will be a finished kitchen. On a side note, one of my favorite things about moving besides the short commute and not having to rake leaves this fall is the decorating I’m getting to do. I am redoing the dining room and both bedrooms. I’m so excited!! Bye until next time.

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