Thanksgiving in London, why not?!

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in London and had a blast. I have to start with the hotel we stayed at, Redchurch Townhouse. I loved it!! When we travel abroad I like to stay in boutique hotels. I booked this hotel based on a few photos and that’s it. Come to find out, we were staying in the artsy part of London – Shoreditch. It was awesome. We walked to dinner and bars every night and ate amazing food!

This cheeky photo greeted us when we got off of the elevator.


I am obsessed with our hotel room. It is exactly how I would’ve decorated a room. Look at that chandelier!


Lighting is kinda my jam and that clear wall sconce is to die for.

Herringbone wood floors in our room, are you kidding me!!? And…terrazzo floors in the elevator. Are you serious?!!

A full bar in the room..ummm okkkkkkk!!!


How fun is this, a retro inspired radio? Jazz music was waiting on us when entered the hotel room.


And, finally the bathroom. I LOVE! Look at the warm wood cabinet with gorgeous marble countertops.

So, now that I have totally gone on a design geek-out I guess we can turn our attention to the main star, London.

First stop in London, the Tower Bridge. Yes, the same Tower Bridge where the terrorist attack happened; and yes, the same day. We toured the tower and visited the hydraulic room.

We went to an amazing bar the first night. I am so hesitant to order a cocktail because 9 times out of 10 I don’t like what I end up with but finally, a cocktail that tasted delicious. In case you were wondering, I ordered “The Littlest Hobo” (very apropos) which consists of Tanqueray gin, passionfruit, lemon, and Hawkes cider. It tasted like candy, so good!!


I was always hesitant to visit London because I heard the food was so bad but we enjoyed everything we had. Of course we avoided traditional British pub food. Our first night we ate at an asian fusion restaurant – Yuu Kitchen. It was sooooo delicious! Here are the chicken wings, gyoza, and the best cauliflower I have ever had in my life!!! Words cannot describe.

As I mentioned, our hotel was in the artsy part of town. Lots of street art and they have a really neat mall made entirely out of shipping containers, but my favorite part was the tinsel walkway, so fabulous.

The second day in London we went to Windsor Castle. I really, really wanted to go to Buckingham Palace but they aren’t open to the public in November, whaaaaa. But, Windsor Castle was beautiful. Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures inside but you can outside! The photo below of me standing next to a small, red door is actually a London Post Office box. Of course I had to get a pic with one of those. We rode a high speed train for the first time on our way back to London. One of the employees told me this train goes really slow (110 mph) compared to other trains in Europe (over 200 mph). Hey, based on what we have in the states this was pretty impressive.

The second night for dinner we went to a steak place, Flat Iron. They have a disclaimer on their menu to not steal the cool cups the drinks come in and the knives, lol. You know we had to get a picture.

The third day in London we did a “Secret London”tour.

This is the smallest police station in the world as far as they know. It is no longer used as a police station though.


This street is supposedly one of the inspirations for Harry Potter. It was a cute, little alleyway.



An artist who was concerned when cameras were posted throughout London,  decided to critique “Big Brother” by putting plaster noses throughout London in random places.


This gas light is one of the few remaining in London which was actually lit by human gas/waste back in the day. Ewww


We toured the National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, and my favorite the Tower of London. This is where the Queen’s jewels are stored. You can’t take pictures but her crown has a 100 carat diamond in it, spectacular! There were multiple crowns and scepters, so stunning. Additionally, they have medieval towers, circa 1060.


The last day in London we went to see a show, The Lion King. The costumes were amazing, a visual astonishment. The story is ok, I mean, it is based off of a Disney movie.



The last night in London we ate at a delicious Italian restaurant, Gloria. It was the one place I wanted to eat while we were in London and OMG I think I might have had the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life!!! And the restaurant was so cute!

Overall, I liked London and definitely want to go back again. There is so much we still haven’t seen. I don’t think Adam was as crazy about London – it was like any other big city except the buildings are older and the people talk different. I guess it wasn’t exotic enough :-/ The one thing I really disliked about London was the smoking. Everybody smoked and I guess I am spoiled living in DC, for a large city not that many people smoke.

I’m thinking about booking a trip to Turkey for our next adventure. Hey, I gotta have something to look forward to.

I’ll leave you with some selfies – this is mainly for the parents.



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