Kitchen Remodeling Time

The kitchen!!! Here are before photos of our condo kitchen. I think moving forward I’ll refer to the condo as Stonegate. So, we have Spotswood House (our country home), Yorktown (the house we just sold but are still living in for a few more weeks), and Stonegate, the condo.


So, the kitchen doesn’t look that bad right? From a distance, no, but up close it is pretty bad. As you can tell from the photos, it is pretty small. But we are going to open it up and put much nicer cabinetry in.

Here’s what the kitchen looks like right now.


We spent two days putting the kitchen cabinets together. Geesh, we bought a lot of cabinets! But, I had to have a lazy susan, pull out drawers, and a trash can cabinet (I will never not have a trash can cabinet again. It is my absolute must in a kitchen). Gotta give Adam his propers!

After two days of cabinet building, here’s what we have…cabinets galore, overtaking every inch of the space.

There are still so many things we need to consider for our kitchen remodel. I still haven’t chosen the sink, we decided to buy a stove in addition to a new refrigerator but we haven’t purchased either yet. I still have to pick out countertops. But, I have started an inspiration board of some of the things we are working through. Here it is:

mood board 2

Isn’t that removable wallpaper to die for?! We’re going to take baby steps and put it in the pantry. I also LOVE the backsplash. We bought it months ago just because…you never know when you’re going to need backsplash tile, LOL. It is going to look perfect in this space and it is my favorite color – blue, green, gray. And, yes, I am going to succumb to gold hardware. Hope I don’t regret it a year or two from now. Stay tuned for more updates. Lots happening between now and mid-October.

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