Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Hola! I have been on a blog sabbatical but I am back refreshed and renewed. This past month has been bonkers…I was at an annual conference for an entire week, we are trying to fix up both of our houses in anticipation of selling, and we just got back from a lovely holiday in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI). This vacation was amazing! You must book a trip ASAP! It will not disappoint! Exclamation insanity!!!!

I tend to go a bit overboard on researching our trips before we go and TCI was no different. I wanted 5-star accommodations without the 5-star price. I think I have mentioned this in a previous post but we have had lots of luck with booking through JetBlue Vacations. We did the same for TCI. I wanted to be oceanfront and the reviews had to be five stars. We ended up selecting the Tuscany, a boutique resort with only 30 units, all oceanfront. This place did not disappoint, spectacular in every way. Each unit is a 3-bedroom condo but they will lock rooms depending on the room reservation. We chose a one-bedroom so the other two rooms and bathroom we locked – sounds weird but it totally makes sense when you are there. Most of the reviews said the resort was private, quiet, and peaceful, all completely accurate. We had the pool to ourselves most of the trip. Also, you never had to worry about waking up early and saving chairs at the pool or beach, which is a total drag and annoyance.

A couple years ago we went to Aruba with friends of ours, Fred and Lia, and they  joined us in TCI. It was nice having another couple to hangout with. We hung at the pool, beach, went to dinner, did a snorkeling trip, and shopped. They are super chill and down for almost anything.

Here we all are heading out for snorkeling

Here are some pictures of the resort.

Beach pictures…STUNNING 

Photos from our snorkeling trip, definitely a highlight!

You didn’t think I was going to leave you without food and drink pics did you?? Unfortunately, we missed lobster season (Aug – Mar) but it gives us an excuse to go back!!! We ate lots of conch in TCI and they are the only place in the world with a conch farm. We ate cracked conch, conch salad, conch fritters…


One of the main reasons we booked the Tuscany resort is because they give you bikes to use during your stay. We rode all over the place!


Every Thursday night, TCI has a local Fish Fry. The entire island comes out for dancing, eating, and shopping. The highlight was the Junkanoo parade. Celebrated since the 16th century, Junkanoo is a festival of song, dance and community. Junkanoo is thought to date back to the time when slaves were allowed time off at Christmas and New Year’s to celebrate with their families. They would wear colorful clothing using strips of cloth and fringed paper, paint their faces or wear elaborate masks, and would create simple songs and dances to mark festivities. Today these traditions continue but the costumes are more elaborate and the music and dance performances are impressive.

Adam and I tried parasailing for the first time. That was pretty cool.

I’m already ready to go back to TCI. It exceeded all expectations! Time to start planning our next trip 🙂










































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