Missing in Action

Hello friends, it’s been a minute since we last conversed. Life was happening! We went to Charlottesville to celebrate our birthday. Then we had Easter. Adam’s parent’s came to visit and helped us finish the never-ending bathroom remodel. Then, this weekend we stayed home and got our house in “stage worthy” condition. Why would we do that you might ask? Stop the presses, we are selling our house in Alexandria. Yep, we have had our fill of the suburbs. We are ready to get rid of the yard and do low maintenance condo living. We aren’t moving into Washington DC, we’ll still stay in Virginia, but we are moving closer in to a lovely area called Shirlington. I can’t wait.

We haven’t put our house on the market yet because it is filled with furniture for the Spotswood House. Our goal is to list at the end of August and then wait for the multiple offers to pour in…haha, I wish (hope). So why did we get our house in “show-ready” form this weekend? Glad you asked. We met with a realtor and she has clients who want to live in our neighborhood so we agreed to show the house. Since everything is show ready, you get a double dose of houses. I’ll show you the 99.9% finished bathroom at Spotswood and then give you a tour of parts of my Alexandria house. Buckle up, time for a house extravaganza.

We got the bathroom vanity done at Spotswood House, finally. The original cabinet we got was too big. That gave Adam an excuse to build a vanity and it really turned out great. Everything fits perfectly in the bathroom now.

Now, all we have left for the bathroom is to get accessories. We need a shower curtain rod, toilet paper holder, towel rack, and glass shelf.

That’s the only update I have for Spotswood House. Now, let’s turn our attention to Alexandria.

First, we’ll start with exterior pictures of the house. The grass is looking great, green and lush. The downside, it has to be mowed all-the-time! That Japanese Maple is hogging the shot.


Here’s our backyard. I hope you can get a true appreciation of the pain and suffering that goes into mowing this wildebeest. We have two sheds (courtesy of Adam), a pergola, a fire pit, and a janky deck. Please excuse the dirty outdoor rug under the patio furniture…hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Let’s move indoors. I will show you one of our guest rooms, the guest bathroom, the kitchen, and my favorite room in the whole house, the bar/mudroom.

Here’s the guest room. I love it! Green and orange are my favorite colors.


I also love my kitchen. It doesn’t have the greatest layout and it’s on the small side but it is super cute. The counter tops are marble, which is notoriously hard to keep clean so we had a thin, protective clear coating put on them and they are so low maintenance now. The backsplash is different colored marble subway tile, very pretty.


Now, on to the guest bathroom. This is a pretty small bathroom but it is gorgeous. More marble…I know. The kitchen and this bathroom were already remodeled when we bought the house. The only thing we changed was the wall color.


And now to my favorite room in the house, the bar/mudroom/pantry. We completely reconfigured this small space. Where the bar sits used to be an open doorway into a nursery. We converted that room into our master closet. This room leads to the backyard and we use it as our main entrance into our house.


There you have it, a mini tour of the Alexandria house. Let me know what ya think.

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