April Showers Bring May Flowers

I know you’re completely shocked to hear our bathroom still isn’t finished. This is where I try to go into zen mode. Let’s just focus on the positive and what we have accomplished. Speaking of, do you make checklists and get soooo much satisfaction when you cross things off your list as completed? Ahhhh, that is my favorite thing to do. Here’s a checklist update; we got most of the tile grouted, we painted the walls, hung the mirror, installed the toilet, and hung the bathroom light fixture. BUT, we did run into a problem. I mentioned before this is the teeniest, tiniest bathroom. The cabinet we bought is just too big so Adam volunteered to make a cabinet, as if he has tons of spare time.

Ok, time to talk paint. I had a coupon for Sherwin Williams, 40% off. I have never seen their paint discounted that much so we decided to buy their paint. Personally, I am a Benjamin Moore fan, but I digress. The one gallon of paint was $70 before the coupon…whoa, when did paint go up so much in price?? Ok, I am probably being a little dramatic. Here’s what we ended up with, Silvermist. It is a really pretty green/blue/gray.


The painting was the easy part. Grouting, whew that was a WORKOUT! Here’s Adam early in the process. Don’t let that smile fool ya, stuff got real, real quick.

Almost finished product.


Another angle. Ok, so the lighting is pretty terrible in these shots. The mirror looks super crooked in the picture but I think that is just the angle.

What we have left to do is; one more coat of paint (maybe), caulk, add light switch covers, finish grouting, build bathroom cabinet, install sink and counter top, install shower handle and tub faucet. We’ll be done in no time, LOLOLOLOL.

We’re headed back to Spotswood this weekend for more remodeling FUN. Before I go, let me give you an update on my second-hand hunting. I have shared a lot of the things I have bought but I haven’t really shared the things I have missed out on.

This gorgeous dresser was FREE. I’m pretty bummed I was too late in messaging them. Someone else already claimed it.

free dresser

I missed out on this wall poster…too late. The sad thing is I watched this item for a while and it probably could’ve been mine. Green is my favorite color (isn’t that from a Counting Crows song?) and this wall art is so unique and massive.


Finally, I was too late messaging to get this vintage Scandinavian map. I have a thing for vintage maps…


Until next time…

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