Hawaii Sounds Good Right About Now

I am so irritated at Home Improvement shows right now. ERREBODY knows they are fake; meaning they don’t show all the ugly behind the scenes stuff happening with a remodel and they LOVE to make it look like you can demo and rebuild a bathroom in under a day. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!!!! We are currently tiling the walls in our bathroom and for some crazy reason, Fixer Upper maybe, I thought we could get it done in a weekend. Ha! Jokes on me. It took us so loooooonnnnngggg to tile the bathroom walls and it still isn’t done. In fact, we might not even finish this weekend. But it does look so good so far 🙂

Rant done. Time to share pictures.


I am really happy with the way the tile is looking right now. It is all coming together exactly how I pictured it and that is a great feeling. We still have one section of the tub surround to do and then we need to tile around where the toilet and sink will go.

The one thing I haven’t given much thought to so far is the color to paint the walls. Maybe a faint green?

Switching gears, I bought a couple more vintage Hawaiian items. Also, I have enlisted my mom to keep an eye out for things when she goes to thrift stores or garage sales.

I got this hula girl on Ebay.


Here’s my hang ten wood sculpture I found on Etsy.


The crazy thing about my new Hawaiian collection obsession is that I have never been to Hawaii. Adam lived in Hawaii for a few years and says he loved it but every time I mention going back to visit he waivers. Well, I have made an executive decision and we are going to go to Hawaii next year. This will definitely give me something to look forward to!

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