In my last post, I was sharing light fixture ideas for the bathroom remodel at Spotswood House. Here’s a recap.

I just so happened to check Marketplace the other day and I found this.

So, of course I bought the light for only $25. I am so excited about this purchase. It was meant to be, serendipity.

I bought a couple more Hawaiian themed items on Etsy. I literally could NOT help myself.

hang ten

Part of the thrill of Etsy is it will tell you when the item you are looking at is in other people’s cart and this hang ten wood carving was in three people’s cart but guess who got it, me!


This little french bikini mama is actually a prize or charm you would find inside a King Cake. It is made of porcelain and hand painted. I can just imagine someone biting into that and breaking a tooth…surprise you have a massive dental bill now.

So, 1980 isn’t mid-century modern but it has special meaning to me because that is the year I was born. Only one year away from 40 years old, eek!!!

I had to make a quick work trip to Chicago this week. To say it was cold is an understatement.  Here’s a shot of Lake Michigan on my descent into Chicago. It looks like clouds but that is ice on Lake Michigan.


I snapped a shot of the downtown skyline headed back home.


This is a quick post today but just had to share my excitement over our new bathroom light. I am starting to get a little jealous because some of things I have bought are better than what I have at my Alexandria house. I will have to start rectifying that soon….

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