What is the most stressful thing you have ever done?

How-dee! My posts are getting so much more infrequent and for that I do apologize but homegirl  has to work (stressful week) and prep the house to get it on the market (stressful and a money drain). AND…Adam and I just sent our passports off to get renewed so no booking trips until the new passports arrive. Now that is stressful! And wouldn’t you know I found a trip I really, really want to book!!! Anyone been to Peru? Um hello, they had me at Rainbow Mountain (and Machu Picchu). How could you not want to go here?

rainbow mountain

SO, I will continue dreaming about our next vacation until the good ol’ passports arrive.

What does one do to relieve stress? Eeek, don’t answer that. If you’re Lindsey, you head straight for the winery!! Yesterday was puuuurfect! I mean, AMAZING…weather-wise. We went to our favorite winery (outside of Charlottesville) and sat outside and it was nice and breezy. I’m sorry but if we still lived in Florida we would not be sitting outside anywhere! I definitely don’t miss the Florida heat. Here’s some pics from our excursion.

Ok, ok…back to the home remodel stuff. Since we have the teeniest, tiniest bathroom we have to bring out all of the tricks. So, we hung a shower curtain right below the ceiling. It makes the room look taller. Ohhh, are those 10 foot ceilings??? Nope!

We finally have furniture in the living room and dining room at SpotswoodHouse!!!! It’s a miracle. I’m hesitant to share these photos because it looks a bit like a blank canvas but I haven’t added all my knick knacks yet. Stay tuned for a more put together look later on.

That brown framed window in the photo above is driving me nuts! I’m going to have to paint it white, I’m convinced!

We added some closet doors to the “master” bedroom. They are painted a nice, crisp white now so ignore the dirty beigy color.

Full disclosure, I avoid Walmart like the plague but when we are out in the country and it’s the only option…well, my opinion changes. I was actually excited to go to Walmart because I wanted to see the new home decor line Drew Barrymore created for Walmart. So, no Drew Barrymore, WTH?! However, I did find something else to satisfy my craving. I have been on the search for a gold, round mirror for eva. Who’d of thought my quest would end at Walmart?! I bought this Better Homes and Gardens mirror for only $50. Here’s a before and after in our guest bedroom.

I haven’t bought anything at Ikea in a while. I just haven’t been inspired by their offerings lately. But, Adam wanted some picture frames (and I do like Ikea’s options for that) so we made a stop. This had to be the most frustrating trip ever. The one thing I really wanted was out of stock, waaahhhhh. It was the coolest mid-century poster (see below). Doesn’t it remind you of Palm Springs, CA? Not that I have been but it is on my bucket list. car ikea

Before I go, I must share with you my go-to pasta recipe. I was looking for simple, minimal ingredient recipes when I came across the holy grail, aglio e olio. I use Ina Garten’s recipe which you can find here: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/spaghetti-aglio-e-olio-recipe-2043225

This stuff is da bomb! It will not help you lose weight, I promise you that! But, it is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Here ya go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…




2 thoughts on “What is the most stressful thing you have ever done?”

  1. I love the snowball hydrangeas in the background of u r pics…and we sat outside yesterday evening in FL, and it was breezy and cooler!lol 85/95% humidity but breezy off the lake.


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