No Photographic Proof

We spent this past weekend working on the bathroom at Spotswood House and I took all kinds of pictures of the progress but then something horrific happened, I forgot my iPhone passcode. So I had to wipe my phone and I lost all of my pictures (no, I didn’t store them in the cloud). I mean, we got the tub in last weekend, that is huge progress. Adam finished replumbing for the shower kit and got most of it installed, he cut a niche out for the shower surround, we took the window out and boarded up the hole but no pictures to speak of. This weekend I am hopeful we can get the floor tile put down. And while we are on the subject, I will share with you the tile we purchased. It is different than the original tile we were considering but pretty similar. I just love geometric patterns and this fit the bill. The price was right too πŸ™‚ Something deceptive about the picture is the tile size. They are 11 x 13 which is a little bit bigger than I wanted but we’ll make it work.

bathroom tile

As a recap, here is the tile I was originally considering

floor tile

Here are some samples of bathrooms with the black geometric pattern on the floor. Pictures make it so much easier visualize! I think I want to stick with the lighter grout to really make the pattern pop.

bathroom sample 2bathroom sample 3bathroom sample

Switching gears to the chair we (I mean Adam) reupholstered. Adam sewed double corded piping to go around the exposed staples. He chose double corded piping because he is crazy! But it turned out pretty good for his first time sewing any type of piping. I have lots of pics, partly because I love this chair and the fabric we chose so, so much.

Of course I’m now ready to move on to our next upholstery project and I just so happen to have another chair that needs some lovin. I thought I would share some of the fabric swatches I am eyeing. Which one would you choose?

Finally, I will close with another one of my second hand purchases. This time I bought something from the app OfferUp, which I find to be very hit or miss but you never know when you’re going to come across gold and gold it was.

I was going to put this light in at Spotswood House but I liked it too much so it went in the guest room at my Alexandria house. You also get a tiny sneak peak at my guest room which I can show in more detail when I finally get the room cleared out with all of my extra furniture which I am trying to sell online and can I just say it is the most excruciating process. I have already had two people not show for a dresser they claimed to want.

Ok, top left picture is the stock picture from the World Market website. The chandelier is selling for $249.99 but I got mine for $100 yippee. The top right and bottom shot is the light hanging in my guest room.


I will be back soon with more pictures of the remodel, barring any other iPhone disasters.

1 thought on “No Photographic Proof”

  1. It looks similar to the chandelier we just to have in our dining room. Love the sink and test of the updates! Adam needs to come to FL and help Jim redo our shower!πŸ’“ all the choices & updates!


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