Every Little Thing (s)he Does is Magic

Howdy folks, we had a very productive weekend at good ol’ Spotswood House. Why did we get so much done; because we ended up renting an Airbnb so we could stay the night and save some time on the commute. Hopefully, we won’t have to do too many more of those. Before I get into the remodeling update, let’s talk about the Airbnb. OMG, this thing was so cute!

We stayed in a garage apartment except it wasn’t over a garage, more like attached to the side of the house with a separate private entrance (see below). This is hands down the best value for an Airbnb we have experienced. We paid a total of $72.26. I would post more pictures but the pictures don’t do this place justice. I was thoroughly pleased. In fact, we will probably be making another visit until we get this bathroom squared away.

Here’s a link to the listing if you think you will ever find yourself in Orange.



Let’s move on to the bathroom. The highlight for me was getting the floor tile put down. I can’t wait until we get it grouted. Here’s some shots of the progress.


This is what the bathroom looked like when we got started. Remember, I lost all of those pictures but I was able to retake this one. Tub is in and insulation replaced.


We framed out a niche for the shower surround. As you’ll see in a picture further down, we abandoned that idea. The amount of work just wasn’t worth it.


Here’s a shot of the shower plumbing. We have cardboard laying around the tub to protect it.


Adam working on the plumbing for the bathroom sink


Adam securing the tub in place. Whew, that was an adventure trying to get the tub level but it had to be done. We used our fair share of shims.


Concrete board going up.


The niche getting covered.


All concrete board is up. Next, we’ll have to smooth the walls out so we can add wall tile.


Tile cut for the toilet drain.


We cut all of the tile and laid it out. Then we pulled up all the tile and laid the mastic down and re-tiled, seriously!


Here’s the floor all laid down. We have it spaced out perfectly, hopefully. Adam was much happier with my floor tile selection than he was with the kitchen backsplash. The cuts were so much easier to make.


Here is where we left off. It felt like we had soooooo much left to do on this bathroom but I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s an update on the fabric I was thinking about purchasing for another chair I need to recover. I ended up going with a completely different fabric than what I shared but not by choice. The first fabric I wanted cost too much. The second fabric was drapery fabric, not upholstery fabric so that was out. Then, I found this fabric and pulled the trigger. It’s very groovy and only set me back $31.


I have started to eye removable wallpaper. I absolutely HATE the process of removing traditional wallpaper so removable wallpaper is very appealing to me. I have been spending countless hours browsing options. Here are some that really caught my eye. I am going to pull the trigger soon either to do a small space in my house or to do the laundry room at Spotswood House. All of these options are available at either Home Depot or Lowes and they will ship to their store for free pickup. There is removable wallpaper options galore and they can get pretty pricey. I found Home Depot and Lowes to be fairly reasonable but word to the wise, removable wallpaper is not cheap.

Until next time, toodles poodle.

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