East Bound and Down

Over the Martin Luther King Holiday weekend we visited Adam’s family right outside Knoxville, Tennessee. While we were there Adam played with his dad in the garage and I went shopping with my mother-in-law (MIL) and sister-in-law (SIL). I picked up a couple cute odds and ends but my big score was a mid century modern (MCM) dresser and nightstand I found on Facebook Marketplace. Hey, even though we were out of town I still had to look. MCM furniture is very popular and I was the first person to message about the dresser and nightstand. The owner said he had over 28 people contact him about it but I was first!

I check Marketplace ALL the time. Even if  I have only 5 minutes at work to spare I will check Marketplace. That’s when I score some of my best finds, looking during off hours; and I have scored big this week. So get ready for MCM overload. Here we go…

Here is the dresser and nightstand I got in Tennessee. The dresser is in almost perfect condition. The nightstand needs a little bit of work on the top but nothing we can’t manage. I got both of them for $100 which is hilarious because my SIL and I went to a retro store and the same dresser and nightstand would’ve been about $800 or maybe even $1000! A huge thanks to my in-laws who are currently storing the dresser for me. Guess we’ll be making another trip back to TN soon.

Here are the knick knacks I picked up at Retrospect Vintage Store. Their prices were very reasonable. The off-white vases are really light bases. Not sure if I will just use as decorative objects or have Adam rewire for lighting. I just love the shape of them. I’m not sure if the little mouse figurine is meant to hold matches, toothpicks, or something entirely different. I couldn’t resist getting it.

I went thrift store shopping with my MIL and scored more bird wall art. I picked this up for $1. Seriously, $1. Now some of you might think I paid too much but I just love this quirky stuff.


I ate so much when we were in Tennessee. If it wasn’t nailed down, I was shoveling it in my mouth. We had Zaxbys a couple times. We absolutely love Zaxbys but we don’t have one anywhere around DC. So any time we visit some place that does have a Zaxbys we are so eating there. On Sunday we went out to eat with Adam’s whole family at a place called Calhoun’s. I sat next to my nephew and he and I devoured a basket of bread…I like him! Anyhoo, I bring all of this up not to actually talk about the food but to talk about the bathroom. As soon as I walked into the bathroom I saw the most beautiful antique tile flooring. I am so in love. I think I want to try this in a bathroom if we buy another renovation project. The pattern is so simple but so cute!


Now I want to switch gears to present day. I have had some really good luck this week on Facebook Marketplace. First, I found a MCM tv stand for $45. I knew this thing would go quick but once again I was the first to message. Now, I can’t get too excited because I have messaged people first before only to lose out to someone who offered to pay more or who was able to come earlier. So, I was being extra nice and very flexible to try to score this tv stand and it worked. Now, the tv stand is more like a formica but for $45 it’s still really sweet! The yellow peeking out from behind is another tv stand I bought which I now will turnaround and sell on Marketplace. Total furniture soap opera, I know!


So, you might be asking yourself where is she storing all of this stuff she buys. And I don’t have a very good answer because it is piled up in my house while we still work to complete Spotswood House. All of this stuff will eventually go there. Which brings me to my next topic, flipping furniture. I have a problem of picking up perfectly good furniture from other peoples trash. I picked up this filing cabinet months ago and it has just sat in my house. I had grand visions of painting it and fixing it up or even taking it to work and putting it in my office but ultimately I decided to list it on Facebook Marketplace. I sold it in one day for $35. Not bad for paying nothing!


I will close with my latest Facebook Marketplace find. I wasn’t even looking for anything in particular but a bar set popped up in my feed (I’m sure Facebook uses algorithms or tracks my usage/preferences to determine what I see in my feed but I don’t care). I love collecting vintage bar supplies and this is just perfect! $20, and I’m totally good with that. As you can see, my Facebook Marketplace addition is on and popping. I am watching 16 other items as we speak.

I am beginning to think I am genetically prone to addiction. I’ll be back again soon with more Facebook finds I’m sure 🙂


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