Costa Rica Follow-Up

As I sit in my living room freezing cold, I decided to channel my MOST favorite tropical vacation…Costa Rica…and finally do my Part 2 review. I left off last time with our visit to the rainforest. This post will include a lot of food references because I just started a low carb diet in preparation for our next tropical trip (more on that later) and I want to relieve every delicious moment again.

Ok, so after our cardio blasting rainforest tour we went to a local hole in the wall for a “traditional” Costa Rican meal and it was soooo good! As you can see, I had to have hot sauce 🙂 The meal consisted of chicken in a creamy white sauce with some type of succotash, rice, and salad which consisted of lettuce and a pico de gallo like topping. I’ll admit I was really skeptical of this place but everything was really good. Adam was more adventurous and tried one of everything.


After lunch we went to a local sloth encounter. We literally drove into a neighborhood to the end of the street and you had this mini rainforest park. We got to see another sloth, so cute!! Look how close I am!!!! The picture is foggy because we got caught in a down pour.


This is a section of the park.


The next day Adam and I split up so he could go deep sea fishing and I went back to Tamarindo to shop and eat! The one thing I wanted to do was eat at Green Papaya because they had swings you could sit on while eating (I’m so easily impressed).

Here is the entrance to the restaurant. They have a small indoor air conditioned section and it was so hot I considered it for a brief moment but I had to eat outside on one of the swings.


I searched all over the internet to find a menu for Green Papaya so I could intelligently explain what I was eating but no such luck. This was a spicy, shrimp, garlicky, cream concoction I ate with tortilla chips and more hot sauce/paste on the side.


If you weren’t sitting on a swing you were sitting on a wooden stump and the swings line the entire perimeter of the restaurant.


One final shot of Green Papaya. OH MY GOODNESS this place was so much fun and the food was AMAZING.


I can’t find a picture to save my life but Adam brought his fresh caught mahi mahi back to our resort and they prepared it blackened style for us. I am not a big fish fan but this fish was sooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking good. O-M-G!

Another thing I really liked in Costa Rica were the fruit juices. I’m sure they weren’t remotely healthy but dang they sure were good.


Bye Costa Rica, can’t wait to see you again.


I will close with our next booked tropical adventure. First, a little background. Each year I like to take a nice US vacation, a tropical vacation, and a European vacation. This past year we did Hilton Head, South Carolina (I don’t really consider it “super” nice but it was all we could squeeze in), Costa Rica, and Sweden and Germany.

This year for our tropical vacation we are going to the Turks and Caicos or the British West Indies if you want to be really exotic. Originally, I was looking at Key West but after pricing it out (Key West ain’t cheap) I decided we might as well just do the Caribbean.

I will give you a hint if you want to book a really affordable, super nice vacation…JetBlue Vacations. This is the second trip we have booked through them and we saved a fortune. They practically throw the flights in for free. If JetBlue flies out of your local airport definitely consider looking at them for vacation packages in the Caribbean.

I cannot wait for this trip! Has anybody else been to the Turks and Caicos? If not, feel free to join us. We’re going during a major holiday.

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