Secondhand Find of the Week # I lost count

I still check Facebook every now and again just to see what is on Marketplace. I have gotten to the point now where I am just buying random, wacky things…my latest purchase is the perfect example.

I am attracted to mid-century modern but at heart I am a traditionalist… but I keep fighting my being. Remember in the 60s-70s when people had random art on their walls in their living rooms. It was so tacky but today it is cool and quirky, at least I think it is. All of this brings me to the bird art I bought for only $5. Right now, I envision it going on the blank wall in the kitchen. Isn’t it so ugly that it’s cute?!


I got really lucky and found an authentic African basket from Kenya like two blocks from where I picked up the bird art. In the DC area that is like a unicorn, such a rarity to find two items within a 2 minute drive of each other. This basket is awesome and huge. Adam brought some cool stuff back from his trip to Niger, Africa but he was telling me what things cost and I was shocked. I had a preconceived notion things would be cheap, nope, so I was happy to pick the basket up for $15. I just noticed the basket looks like it has “A” shapes all over it just for Adam….awwww.


Complete side note: This post took me about 5 hours to write. I just started watching “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” on Netflix. I thought, “oh, I can have this on in the background and write a blog post really quick.” Um, it is virtually impossible to watch a show and type a coherent message at the same time.

Back to the show…Jerry Seinfeld is actually really funny; neurotic but funny. I loved the show Seinfeld but always thought his stand-up bits during the intro or credits (I can’t remember) were so bad.

I think my favorite comedians so far on the series are Steve Harvey, Sarah Silverman (which surprised me) and Bill Burr (who I have never heard of but so funny). Does anyone else watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Any favorites?

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