My posts are getting more infrequent but that just means we are getting a lot done. Our kitchen is almost done. Floor tile – done. Wall tile – close to done. Door and drawer pulls – almost done. How many times can I use the word done? I am deliriously happy that we are A-L-M-O-S-T DONE.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I missed the entire floor tile process. Adam’s friend Bernis visited and helped Adam lay the floor tile and Adam’s dad visited and grouted the floor. They look really good. I thought about having them laid in a herringbone pattern but we stuck with subway tile because that was the easiest way to lay them. No need to go for the most difficult and time consuming tile cut on the first try. Now the backsplash tile is a completely different story.


Here’s the backsplash tile I “special” ordered. No wonder it was so expensive. It is glass, marble looking tile. Note to self, if you buy tile in unique shapes, the cutting process is going to take FOREVER. This isn’t really what I thought the tile was going to look like. I had no idea it would basically look like marble but it is what it is.


Adam and his dad working on the backsplash.


Here are some shots of the finished product. So, Adam and I went round and round about the backslash going to the ceiling. I’m glad we didn’t stop the tile halfway up. The tile job looks amazing but very fancy. We bought charcoal grout thinking the tile was going to be white and the geometric pattern would really pop. We are still going to use the dark grout for a more modern look.


Next up was jewelry for the cabinets. I love the long door handles. We have a small problem with the handles on the drawers – the screws are too short so we have to make another trip to the hardware store.


Yay! Thanks dad for all of the help.


This weekend we plan to grout the backsplash, finish putting drawer handles on the cabinets, and pick a paint color. We are thinking about something very bold since the kitchen is so white.

Is this too much??

paint kitchen

4 thoughts on “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”

    1. There is an entire blank wall on the opposite side of the room with the tile wall. But yes, the blue would be minimal. We could go a completely different direction depending on how the backsplash grout turns out.


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