The Beginning of the End

The end is finally in sight for our kitchen remodel. The past two weeks have been quite busy; with work, a little bit of binging Man in the High Castle, more purchases for the house and progress at Spotswood House. So hold on to your hats…

Kitchen countertops are in! We have one wall of quartz countertops and a butcher block island. I love the quartz countertops, very clean and modern. I’m really on the fence about the butcher block counter. It adds a nice contrast to all of the white but I feel like we went a little too dark on the counters and it makes the kitchen look like a flip. Let me explain; butcher block countertops are generally much cheaper than quartz or granite and a lot of flip houses don’t use the highest quality materials. So, the butcher block makes me think of a flip house and that’s not a compliment. But, I am going to wait and see how everything looks together in the kitchen before making any final decisions.

I bought the faucet on OfferUp. It was leftover from a construction job and the hardware store wouldn’t accept the return so a win for me. I got it 50% off retail.


Here is a close-up of the countertop. It looks solid white from a distance but there are some nice specks in it.


I love having a deep single sink. I don’t think I could ever go back to a divided sink.


The wood countertops do not have any urethane on them yet.

I think I have bought everything I need to finish the kitchen. Tile flooring, backsplash, and drawer pulls purchased…my credit card company is loving me right now!

We laid the tile out in a subway tile pattern. I’m still toying with the idea of laying then in a herringbone pattern but Adam said it would take a lot longer and require more cuts.


Here are drawer pulls and backsplash tile I bought. This tile was not cheap but I saw it on Houzz and had to have it. We are going to use a dark grout to really bring out the geometric pattern.

Uneventful news – we got the kitchen ceiling painted but more exciting news – we got the pendant light hung. This thing is spectacular!


The back bedroom had bubbled drywall so when we got the kitchen drywalled we had them fix the back bedroom too.  Unfortunately, we had to repaint and we will have to repaint the ceiling.

After drywall

After paint. I couldn’t wait, the paint is still wet, lol.


For old times sake, I included a picture of the back bedroom closet when we moved in. This is the only picture I can find and it shows the closet in a very flattering light because it was awful. We had the closet redrywalled and Adam and his parents hung the new closet rod. It looks so much better.


I mentioned I have been doing a lot of shopping. Here are the counter stools I bought on Facebook Marketplace. Funny story, I originally bought a West Elm duvet from Facebook and then I saw the leather counter stools I really liked and it was the same person I bought the duvet from. I ended up buying 4 curtain panels from her too. She is moving to NYC and selling everything. That is one good thing about DC, everyone moves and you can usually get deals.

In addition, I bought two table lamps, a pair of shams, and a gorgeous mirrored side table which I will share in a later post. I’m exhausted. Talk to you again soon.





1 thought on “The Beginning of the End”

  1. I like the butcher block island. I think it would look too sterile if you’d gone with white cabinets & counters all the way around. Good choice.


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