Whistle While You Twerk

Even though we lounged around the house yesterday we still got our werk on this past week. I bought 2 t.v.’s, a flokati chair ( you’ll know what this is when you see it), and a side table this week, all secondhand of course. I went to Lowe’s and picked up tile samples and we got another portion of the kitchen kinda done. Oh, and we found our next project 🙂 So let’s get started!

So, I went on a little bit of a binge this past week snapping up stuff for the house. First, I picked up a West Elm Martini side table for $60. Then I got a 32″ Samsung Smart TV for $70. How can you say no to that? Next, came the flokati chair. As soon as I saw this thing I had to have it! Someone else was going to get it before me but I told the girl I would pick it up that day and boom, it was all mine. Sometimes the things I pick up aren’t that great of a deal but the flokati chair for $100 was still $70 off retail. Finally, we picked up a 49″ LG 4G Smart TV for $225. Tomorrow I’m picking up leather counter stools and I might get some curtains too. Eek!

Here she is, Miss Flokati

Time for some tile talk. The story of my life, I thought I had it all figured out for floor tile in the kitchen. I wanted something that looked like concrete, with a cool blue undertone. Unfortunately, cool and blue aren’t warm enough for what we need in the kitchen. Off to Lowes to find other options. I picked up three neutral tiles. Which one do you think we picked? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the concrete blue one.


I picked up a tile backsplash sample, too. I have my eye on a special order geometric tile from Home Depot but I am keeping my options open. I found this at Lowes and while it is cheaper than the Home Depot tile, it is just way too busy. But, here’s a hint, it does resemble the tile we are going to get.


Now for an update on the kitchen. I view the kitchen as having three main components; the wall with the stove and sink, the island, and the wall with the refrigerator and pantry. We worked on the latter this weekend. We got the pantry put in and the frame for around the refrigerator. We still need to add filler and crown molding and of course the refrigerator but we are making good progress. I keep teasing the countertops which I hope we will get sooner than later. The holdup right now is we need to give them our faucet so they can drill the holes. Then they will bring it to the house and install.

Finally, we are having so much fun working on this house. When we finish it we don’t know if we want to sell it, rent it, or Airbnb it. I have been looking for properties in other cities for us to work on, specifically Annapolis or Baltimore. But, I found something in Orange that caught my eye. Located on 1.8 acres and formally a church. What do you think? I think it would look amazing if redone right.


I love the metal roof, the cupola, and the shapely windows. The wood isn’t in that bad of shape but I have no idea the condition of the inside. Well, I’ll be dreaming about this one for awhile. Bye for now.

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