Secondhand Find of the Week #4

Since I haven’t posted this series in awhile I will share a few of the things we have purchased recently.

I love to pick up little trinkets and I have so much stored away in our house. In the guest room you can open the closet, dresser drawer, or cabinet and it is filled with “decorative things”. So. Many. Things. But that doesn’t stop me. How can you say “no” to that cute little gold spiky chain thing (below), especially when it only cost $1.

I found an unique garage sale advertised on Craigslist. A professional stager was downsizing some of her loot so I took a chance and drug Adam with me to Mclean, VA. So, we pull up to this mini-mansion (Mclean also happens to be a really nice area) not knowing what to expect but let tell me you, this place was a gold mine. I think I ended up spending over $200 (you know what, it might have been $300) and the gold spiky thing is one of the many things I picked up.


This is one of the first things I bought on Facebook Marketplace. I think I paid $30. It’s an antiqued mirror side table.


Here is another side table we picked up. This was pretty close to our house so that always makes me excited. Some of the trips we make in DC to get things feels so out of the way. This table is from World Market and set us back $50.


I’m now on the hunt for a 40 – 44 inch smart tv (either Samsung or LG) to fit the tv stand I bought recently.  But I may change my mind on the tv stand and buy a different one. I have problems, lol.




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