So indecisive….

We are getting to the point where we REALLY need to start making decisions about the future kitchen. We made our first trip to the tile store and our indecisiveness kicked in. It is so hard to make kitchen decisions without actually seeing them in real life. We have toyed with the idea of having an all-white kitchen – we stayed in an Airbnb carriage house in Bluffton South Carolina and they had a super cute white kitchen. Here is some of tile I found that I think would make a cool kitchen backsplash.

The beige tile (on the left) is really pretty but I’m not a beige fan. The  dark blue subway tile (on the right) adds a pop of color but it may be too dark.


The blueish grayish tile (on the left) is pretty. I like this one. The tile on the right is so unique but I think it would be too busy as a backsplash.


The art deco tile (on the left) is absolutely stunning but what you can’t see is the price, $130 sq ft. I just can’t justify that price. I like the marble diamond pattern but I think I want a little bit more color.


The grayish tile (on the left) is my favorite. I really like the unique pattern and the color is subdued. The black and marble tile (on the right) is too graphic.


This is probably my second favorite tile. I’m just not sure if the tile is too busy.


In addition to tile backsplash  we looked at tile flooring. We have never had tile in a kitchen before, always wood. But we want tile for this house for the low maintenance since we may use the house as an Airbnb.  The one thing I will say is I definitely have a “look” I like. All of the tile below is very similar looking – natural stone concrete.

I don’t think I am a fan of planks. I really prefer the larger stone pieces. The tile on the right resembles marble. It is really pretty.

IMG_0360 IMG_0361

I like the stone on the left. It resembles concrete. The hexagons on the right are cool and modern but they don’t feel timeless to me, more on trend which I want to avoid.


The two tiles below are the same brand and company just different colors.


We are leaning towards a grayish color stone but I really want to find the perfect mix between gray and brown. We are thinking about laying the tiles in a pattern to add more interest.


I subscribe to 5 design magazines and cut out pictures all of the time of things I really like (I have lots of kitchen pictures) but this process to select tiles has made me start to second guess everything and it’s hard to visualize what it will look like put together. We want to make the right choice because the kitchen is EVERYTHING in a home. I’ll keep you posted on the route we take.  – Lindsey



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