Secondhand Find of the Week

Consider this the start of a new series…secondhand find of the week. Ever since we bought Spotswood I have been on a mission to find everything we furnish it with secondhand. It has been such a fun and addictive process. I probably spend at least an hour a day scouring Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Letgo. If I find something I can haul by myself for $50 or less I literally cannot say “no”!

Some of my favorite searches are West Elm, Crate & Barrel, World Market, Pottery Barn, industrial, pillows, retro, and wall mirror. I really only need a couple more things for our new house – king bed frame/headboard and a tv stand but that doesn’t stop me from shopping for literally everything else. It has gotten so bad that I will buy something and then find something I like better and buy it. Right now I have two dining room tables and two full size beds. I got rid of one of my two stoves, thank goodness because my house is overrun with furniture.

I have shown you some of my curtain finds but I will save my latest curtain purchase for a later post. I will start with two pillow covers I purchased that I literally have no need for but had to have for $10. Below, you will find two pillow covers from Crate & Barrel I purchased. They didn’t have the pillow inserts but no worries I have plenty of those….I’m sure every decorating addict has the same problem. Aww, I just love the graphic pattern. What you can’t see is the fabric is raised creating a high dollar look. Right now the pillows are sitting in our small bedroom at Spotswood and I may leave them there. I have tons of finds to share and can’t wait for the next item to share next week.  – Lindsey


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