Two steps forward, three steps back

We have such a bad habit of getting halfway through a project and then realizing we never took a “before” picture (first world problems) so apologies in advance for the terrible pictures.

The goal for this past weekend was to demo a shed, take down a faux water well decorative thing (no idea what else to call it), replace old beige outlets with crisp white ones, add more curtains, and take drywall down in the kitchen.

Look very close (like you need a magnifying glass) and you will see 3 sheds. One is completely dilapidated and the other two and just kinda tragic looking. They are hidden behind the decorative water well thing.


Shed is gone now. I so wish I had a better before picture because the after picture (below) looks lame.


Here is another shot of the well thing. It had to go!


All gone. Now we just have to figure out how to get the electric company to come take the 2 light poles out of our backyard.


Adam working hard on replacing outlets and covers.


The outlet looks so good now.

We hung more curtains this past weekend. I love West Elm curtains, especially back tab curtains which give the curtain a nice pleat on the front and I insist on 95-96 inch curtains. It makes standard height ceilings feels so much taller. I downloaded a new app for my secondhand purchases, LetGo, and found these gorgeous West Elm curtains for less than half the price in stores.


We bought another set of curtains which I was so excited to find at Home Goods. Unfortunately, they don’t match the bedding and they are rod pocket – not my fav. The curtains in this room have come down and have been returned. They are very pretty but rod pocket. The quest for curtains in the “owners suite” continues.


So, I saved the bad news for last. We made so much progress by opening up the kitchen and adding a beam in the ceiling. We wanted to continue the momentum and take the drywall down. Everything was going smoothly…



When we got to the third wall we hit wood rot. And then we found termites. Adam thinks he has the termites removed/contained but we need to bite the bullet and get it looked at by a professional. So after all of the progress we made we now have a termite problem to deal with. I am exhausted. More to come soon – Lindsey



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