Another Bathroom Remodel

Most sane people would not undertake a bathroom remodel in the middle of selling their house but we’re not most people. We like to keep the stress level exceptionally high! We are under contract on our house and going through the various inspections right now…talk about a money drain! In addition, which I have failed to mention before, we (Adam) are moving back to Florida (kinda).

I forgot (no, I didn’t) how horrific moving can be. This time around we made the brilliant decision to pack our belongings by ourselves. We decided to go the Pod route since we don’t have a home in Florida to move to. It took us 8 hours straight to get the Pod loaded and multiple, multiple trips to the dump ( I see a side hustle in removing peoples junk. It is a lucrative business.)

Now that I have hit you with all of that, let’s talk about Florida. Adam got an offer he couldn’t turn down to work for the State of Florida as the Chief Innovation Officer. I cannot make the move because I am committed to the Postal Service for the next couple of years (too long to explain). So, we will make trips back and forth and try to make this new telework environment work to our advantage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help Florida is being stupid when it comes to managing COVID-19 and enforcing the wearing of a mask. Not sure how the back-and-forth is going to work in the immediate future. While all of that is going on we still decided to remodel our second bathroom at our condo in Alexandria…I literally cannot make this shit up!!!

So, that is enough talk. Time for some pictures. Here are the “before” pictures of our bathroom.


Did you notice where they patched the bathroom tile around the shower knob with a different color tile? Classy!!

This remodel isn’t as intensive as the “owners suite” bathroom but we did remove everything except the tub. We’re going to get the tub reglazed. We have never done that before and we aren’t trying to do it ourselves.


That tile was such a pain to get off of the floor. I’m sure our neighbors below us really enjoyed that part of the demo.

We started with the remodel of the bathroom floor. I chose a modern, geometric pattern. Figuring out the floor tile pattern took a minute.


OMG, I love this floor. I really took liberty on this bathroom to go all-out with design details. Next, we moved onto the herringbone accent wall in green, my favorite color.


Then, we moved to the other walls in penny tile.


We took the tile all the way to the ceiling. It takes a little bit more work but it is so worth it. It makes the space feel more expansive and cohesive.

Right now my vanity is on back order so I’m going to have to wait to finish this thing out. This is the color I’m leaning towards painting the room, Behr Marquee Pumice.


Here is the current state of the bathroom:


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Finally, I have a new lady I added to my collection. Let me introduce you to Valerie.



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