We are under contract!

Ok, so it is fair to say that I have a few meltdowns when it comes to the home buying and selling process. It is such a stressful period and huge money drain and sometimes a gain. When we sold our house in Alexandria it was under contract in a day with a good chunk of change over the list price. Things are a little bit different out here in the country. I started freaking out when only 2 people viewed our house within a week of our house going on the market. But, we ended up getting an offer over list (buyer offered over list to get closing cost assistance) and we are pressing forward.

Our buyer is getting a USDA loan which is little bit different that FHA and Conventional (quite frankly I don’t care what type of loan they get as long as it closes). USDA loans are for rural communities and allow buyers to finance 100% of the purchase price for a pretty reasonable interest rate. Our buyer is a first-time home buyer single mom. She is getting a great, little house. I mean, we fixed EVERYTHING in it. I’m a little bit sad to leave this house because we are selling it as soon as we finished remodeling it. So, I never got to live in it remodeled. Oh well, that just gives me more ammunition for our next house.

We ended up listing our house buy-owner and it has been quite the experience so far. I will fill you all in on it in a later post and let you know where we saved money. We still have the inspection and home appraisal so we aren’t out of the woods yet. Once we get through that, oh, and our septic inspection, and water quality check I will feel much better. Adam says I’m worrying for nothing. What does he know! 😉

We listed our house on a Monday on MLS and it took us until Friday to get on Zillow. We had an offer Sunday and went under contract that evening. Once you calculate the over ask price and the closing cost assistance, the offer was $1K under list. I can live with that.

Here are the photos from the listing.


You saw some of these pictures in my previous post but I wanted to share all of the photos we used in our listing in the exact order. One of the top suggestions for selling your home is to get professional photographs done. Well, we didn’t have time for all of that so Adam bought a wide angle lens designed for cellphones and attached that baby and took these photos. We brightened the photos and added “pop” but I think they turned out as good as professional photos would have. The lens only cost about $40 compared to $300 for professional photos. Here is the lens if you’re interested. 


After we painted the front door we found a pink moth cozying up to it. I think it was in love. I don’t blame it. Have you ever seen a pink moth before? Adam said they live in Silver Maples. Hopefully, that is our good luck moth. 


I loved that pink paint so much I painted our bistro table and chairs too. It needed it. That brown finish wasn’t doing it any favors. The table and chairs were left behind by the previous owner and the chair was broken, of course. So, Adam got his welder and put it back together for me. 

Now that our house is under contract we are in the initial stages of another remodel, our guest bathroom at the condo.  No turning back, we already bought the tile. So here is a sneak peek of the project. Yes, that is a herringbone pattern you see there! We’ll see how difficult it ends up being to install. I end up using a lot of blue in my decorating but my favorite color is green so I’m so excited to use green tile on this project. The green herringbone will go on the long shower wall and the white penny tile will go on the two short walls. The black tile will go on the floor. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to start on this project. 


That’s all I got for now. Be back soon with more updates.

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