Looking Forward

I’m already looking forward to our next remodel (my poor husband), our guest bathroom. I love the look of mid-century modern (I will make it to Palm Springs one day) but I still gravitate towards traditional. Our master bath remodel is very traditional or maybe classic is a better word, I don’t know. So, when it comes to the guest bathroom we will take more risks and add more color.

I don’t know what it is about us and small bathrooms but we have inherited another one.  The sink, toilet, and shower are all on top of each other so we are going to make tiny tweaks to see if it makes a difference (replace 30 inch vanity with a 28 inch vanity). Here are some designs I’m leaning towards.

bathroom vanity 2bathroom vanity

Originally for the floor tile I wanted cement tiles but after reading about the maintenance I decided to go a different route. I am so in love with geometric shapes and patterns so this tile really hits the mark for me.

bathroom floor

We are keeping our tub, just getting it reglazed. For the shower wall tiles we are going to attempt the very difficult herringbone pattern. I am envisioning lots of cussing and many, many tile cuts but, maybe we’ll surprise ourselves. We are going with either a green or aqua blue elongated subway tile.

blue bathroomgreen bathroom

Ahhhh, I’m so excited about our next project even though we aren’t done with our current project yet. I really need to start an Instagram account. I could spend all day online looking at home remodel projects.

Let me give you a travel update. Our flight to France was cancelled. Now I’m trying to get my money refunded instead of a travel voucher and here is why. I’m going to let you in on a secret…and I’m so hesitant to tell you because I get the most amazing travel deals this way. I never share with you the cost of my trip but here goes. I paid almost $2000 for our flight to France, flying into Paris and departing from Nice, super stupid. I started researching flight deal sites and came across Scott’s Cheap Flights. Ok, this site is AMAZING!!! I booked our flights to Buenos Aires, Argentina for about $1100 total. Um, that is ridiculous! When you sign-up (I paid $50 for a premium annual subscription) you provide your preferred airport and they send you International deals as they come available. The downside is you can’t put in specific destinations or timeframes, just sit back and wait for deals to any International destination to populate, no continental United States options. I saw a flight deal to Hawaii for less than $350. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to book due to my husband’s lack of adequate leave but that is a really, really good price. I highly recommend Scott’s Cheap Flights (I wasn’t paid an endorsement fee. Ha, not enough people even read my blog) if you are interested in discounted International travel…oh, and the deals they send are on major airlines. I have status with American Airlines and was able to get my Argentina and Belize trip through American. So there you go, a major secret revealed. Does anyone else subscribe to a travel deal website?

Are you looking for ways to keep entertained during  the COVID-19 quarantine? I hosted a virtual game night with my work team last week and O-M-G it was so much fun! We played Quiplash. It kinda reminds me of Cards Against Humanity but you provide the “inappropriate” answer. I purchased the game through Jackbox Games for $5 or $6…totally worth it! The way it works is you get asked random questions and have free reign on the answers. NOTE, the more inappropriate the answer the better. Some of the questions you get asked are, “What is the name of a disease you don’t want to catch?” “What is a bad name for a new beer brand?” You get the point. If anyone wants to play, hit me up. You are guaranteed to laugh your ass off.

Ok, that is enough secrets. Stay safe.


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