Bathroom Fun

We are about 65-70% done with our bathroom remodel, woo hoo! Floors are in; grouted and sealed. Shower wall tile is almost done. The main things left to do are finish wall tile and grout, lay shower basin tile and grout, tile niches and around window, install vanity and faucets, install shower head and hardware, and paint. Hmmm, maybe not 65-70% done. Man, it sounds like we have so much left to do, UGH!

One of the biggest decisions of the bathroom – the paint color. I wanted a soft, greige color and settled on Silver Feather (Behr). It’s so neutral and classic.

bathroom color

Here is our bathroom closet, nice and framed in. I know, not an exciting photo but we’ll get to the tiling momentarily.


I was really worried about our vanity being available for pick-up due to the coronavirus so we decided to get it before everything shut down. Turns out, it is an essential business or they think they are an essential business, whatever. This little beast was a bitch to get into our condo. Thanks to our very nice neighbors, they helped us lug it up 3 flights of stairs. But, OMG, it is gorg!!! That’s real marble folks, extra heavy!! Ignore the cheap hardware, we upgraded it with brushed bronze. Apologies for not being able to capture the full vanity, it is crammed into our guest room.


We chose marble for the floors (seeing a pattern) and they turned out really, really, really good! The underlayment was a bit of a chore. When we bought the condo the bathroom floor tiles had cracks in them so we had to put a Schluter Ditra membrane down. You all know what that is right?? It’s a membrane that goes down before you add tile on top. It allows the floor movement underneath the tile so it does not crack. We’ll see if it works….

We were a little worried once we grouted because the grout left a wet rim around the tile (see below). Luckily it dried.


Unfortunately, we immediately covered the floors to focus on the shower tile install and I was only able to capture the finished product in the toilet room. The lighting is terrible, and on a side note, all of these photos are taken with a regular ol’ iPhone. I’m not trying to make money off this blog and it shows, lol.


Laying floor tile goes down like a dream, the shower tiles, not so much. It just takes so much tile and takes fo-ever. And, you never get perfectly straight walls but I digress. It is looking really pretty though. We chose a pale blue subway tile. Look how straight the subway tile lines are. I will admit I got put on punishment for getting the tiles misaligned and haven’t been allowed to tile since (or was it all part of my master plan).

Thanks for coming along on our bathroom model. I’m off to do more work, or watch Adam do more work 🙂 Hopefully, we can get the bathroom mostly done this weekend. Fingers crossed, I’ll keep you posted.


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