Calypso Blue

We are so close to being done with the kitchen, oh so close. One of the most frustrating things about doing this remodel is when we forget something at our “main” house for the remodel and either have to put off doing that activity, buy a new whatever we forgot (if we can find it), or drive 1 hour round trip to Home Depot. This weekend is one of those times when we bought two new paint rollers and put off doing the trim because we didn’t have the right nails. So, why did we buy two paint rollers…Dollar General, that’s why. Ugh, I am not a fan of Dollar General. I realized we left our paint rollers at home and Dollar General is the closest store to the Spotswood House. I’ll spare you all of the details but the quality of a lot of products at Dollar General is subpar. We ended up making the 1 hour round trip drive to Home Depot to get a “real” paint roller (and some other things), ha!

The biggest thing we did this weekend is paint the kitchen. We really went out on a limb with this paint color because we usually stick with very light/pale, neutral colors. But, I wanted to try something different – enter Calypso Blue. I love this color; sometimes it looks blue, sometimes it looks green. Here’s a before and after.



Here are some more pictures. Does the paint look blue in some pictures and green in others? Also, the stove makes an appearance, in it’s permanent resting spot. Also, the door is finally trimmed out and check out those baseboards.


Let me show off my bird art. I’m so happy with these!


We ended up staying Saturday night in Orange which means going out to eat at one of the five restaurants in town. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit but not much. Speaking of,  the city of Orange, VA does not have a bar, like a sports bar or local bar.  That got Adam and I thinking…hmm…do we want to switch gears and open a bar. I think that would be so fun in theory. Maybe we could leave DC altogether and live in Orange full-time operating “The Groundhog” bar. Why groundhog, well, we got married on Groundhogs Day and I love groundhogs. Those little whistle pigs are so cute! Back to eating out in Orange. We went to a Mexican restaurant, El Vaquero. It was good but the only reason I bring it up is because of the size of their beers. Adam literally got a beer as big as his head. Literally!! On that note, talk to you again soon.



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