Christmas Came Early

I didn’t think we would get our special ordered window until next week so I was so excited when it came in last Friday. Adam and I took the painful journey down 95 South in bumper-to-bumper traffic (I can’t wait for summer to be over) to get to Orange, Virginia on Saturday. Here is a before picture:


We had two single windows side-by-side and decided to go with one large window. Here is no window:


Here is the after:


Of course we still have to frame out the window and fill-in the siding but I really like having one big window versus two small windows. Now that we have the window done and Adam has run all of the new electrical we can move forward with drywall.

We are NOT going to attempt drywall ourselves. We have a couple people coming this weekend to give us an estimate. Hopefully we can get the drywall done in time to put the cabinets in during Labor Day Weekend. On a side note, the tile backsplash I really want is a little bit more expensive (twice as much) than I intended. So here is what happened…we were going to add tile about halfway up the wall but without having upper cabinets the tile looks weird. See some examples below.

kitchen backsplash 2kitchen tilebacksplash 3

I want the tile that goes ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way to the top. So Adam and I will have to do some negotiating on which tile option we go with. Here are some subway tile examples below. FYI, we are not planning on installing subway tile.

tile all the way 2tile all the way 3tile all the way

Hope to be back soon with drywall pictures and then kitchen cabinets…yippee. Then we can move on to more demo; the carport and Florida room. Also, I haven’t posted any pictures of what we’re considering for the bathroom remodel. More to come soon. Bye – Lindsey


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