Kitchen Update

We are in the process of prepping the kitchen for the full remodel. Adam ran electrical for outlets, we pulled up the vinyl floor to get to the subfloor, and Adam replaced the 2 x 4s that were damaged by termites.

Before – termite damage


After – new 2 x 4s


Before – old fashioned vinyl


After – we have found subfloor


The next steps for the kitchen before we can do drywall are running one more electrical outlet, replacing some insulation..blah, blah, blah…but the part I am excited about is replacing the windows. Right now we have two windows side-by-side in the kitchen and we were thinking about doing the same thing with smaller windows BUT I want this kitchen to be a little bit on the modern side so we decided to buy one big window – 60 x 36. Making the window a little bit shorter than what we currently have will give us more distance around the sink area. The new window is going to push our timeframe back a little bit (won’t get the window until the end of August) but will be so worth it in the end. I am getting really anxious about the kitchen. We have basically made all of the design decisions, it is now just a waiting game for all of the pieces to fall in place. Be back soon with more updates – Lindsey

Current window in kitchen


New window – So this picture is super lame and doesn’t give you a good idea of what impact it will have but such is life. I promise it will be perfect 🙂


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