Blinded by the light

DSCN0738paintSo my favorite paint brand is Benjamin Moore and we have our primary house covered in it but for our Spotswood House we decided to go a different route. We happened to be in Home Depot (because where else would we be) and I went on a paint chip binge and it was so much fun! Hope Depot just also happened to have a rebate on their Behr paint so we took the plunge.

Above left is our small bedroom before paint. I have no idea what color is on the wall but it resembles spoiled milk. With only one window we needed to keep the room color light and bright. We ended up going with “Misty Coast” (see above). I think the name fits the color perfectly, it literally looks like a misty coast.

Our back bedroom was RED (see below). Here is the color we chose for the bedroom, “Nature’s Reflection”. This is probably my favorite color, a perfect mix of blue and green.

DSCN0736paint back room

The front bedroom was a soft green and we ended up selecting a very similar color, “Mild Mint”. I absolutely love a pale green color. Our neighbor’s house in Jacksonville, FL was painted a soft green with white trim and black shutters. It was so beautiful.

DSCN0733front bedroom

For the living room and dining room combo we wanted to go with a gray tone. Out of all the colors this is the one I’m on the fence about. I feel like it is a little too light and has a purple undertone, definitely not the look I was going for. This color is “Platinum”.

DSCN0735living dining color

When we were picking colors for the house we thought we were doing a good job of picking different shades but when you see the colors together they look so similar, good grief.

What is your favorite paint color? Until next time….Lindsey

paint house













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