I wish I could say our vacation to Greece was perfect but I’m not going to lie. By the time we got to Mykonos Adam was extremely sick. He ended up spending most of the 3 days we were there in the room asleep which left me by myself to wander around the island. Luckily, I’m pretty independent so I made do. The problem was, the island was vacant. They take the off-season seriously! But, it allowed me plenty of opportunity to take pictures minus tourists.

The streets of Mykonos are so tiny. Our taxi driver couldn’t drop us off at our hotel because the street was too tight. You’ll notice in the photos below the itty bitty trucks that can make it down the streets.

The highlight of Mykonos for me was Kazarma, my go-to restaurant while we were there. I ate lunch here every day. Normally, I would have tried other places but I only had about 5 restaurants total to choose from. I had mushroom truffle pasta which was amazing, carbonara which was delicious and a special uni pasta of the day.

Another restaurant we tried was Mosaic (pictured below). It was pretty good but you can smoke inside and that really bothered us. Unfortunately, practically everyone in Greece smokes. They talk about the Mediterranean diet being so healthy. Well, let me tell you what I saw. I never saw anyone eating. People were either drinking a coffee, drinking wine, or chain smoking. But, we were told Grecians eat dinner late, like 9 pm – 10 pm late. I would die if I had to wait that long to eat. Luckily, restaurants open around 6 pm-6:30 pm and we usually had the place to ourselves. There is no such thing as Happy Hour in Greece. I’m trying to remember if other European cities we visited had Happy Hour. I feel like London did.

For Mykonos, we booked a Marriott Homes and Villa. I think this is their version of Airbnb. It was nice and I booked another one for our trip to Paris. I don’t know if I would recommend staying here during the in-season. I feel like the street noise would be very loud but for our trip it was perfect.

Knowing what I know now, I would’ve cut Mykonos short and spent more time in Athens. Athens was busy, vibrant, metropolitan, and safe. But, I am curious what Mykonos is like during the in-season. Maybe an excuse to go back?? I’ll be back soon to wrap-up Greece with our stay in Athens.

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