The Beat Goes On

Very exciting news…our floors are done! Now on to the kitchen, ooft!

Here are the floors without baseboards and doors nowhere to be found.

Wow, who knew baseboards were so transformative?! We hung the doors back up but not a big fan because they are hollow core but not worth the return to replace them. Sometimes you gotta let things ride when doing a remodel.

We were so over doing the herringbone pattern throughout the house that we laid an off-set patterned floor (kinda like subway tile) in the guest bedrooms.

In between all of the floor work we took a couple shopping trips to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Dothan, Alabama. Dothan, Alabama, you say????? Yes!!! What a hidden gem!

In Atlanta we bought a dining room table from a West Elm outlet and another portrait painting (one of my favorites). The dining room table (below) is pretty basic and more on the industrial side in terms of style but I like the simplicity of it. The room is still a work in progress and I’m currently looking for a rug to break-up all of the wood tones. I had my eye on the dining room chairs for quite some time and pulled the plug when they went on sale for 40% off. I combined that with a 15% curbside pickup discount, and a $10 off monthly reward. That is the holy grail for a bargain shopper. I could not contain my excitement!

While in Atlanta, I think I found my favorite store EVER, Kudzu. It’s a combination of antiques/vintage finds/and new items that have a vintage flair. I bought another portrait there, Denise. Denise was in rough shape when we bought her but after watching a few episodes of Repair Shop on Netflix Adam decided he could fix her up. Apparently saliva is the best way to remove dirt and dust from a painting. Also, Denise was sliding down the canvas because of how it was attached to the frame. Adam took everything apart and rebuilt the frame and now Denise is as good as new.

After Atlanta, we went to Dothan, Alabama and picked up a credenza and bar cart. We made a subsequent trip back to Dothan and I picked up the postal scale you see sitting on the credenza. I gotta represent the United States Postal Service!

Here is the bar cart (below) prior to any accessorizing. This also gives you a good look at our dining room pre-remodel and a little cameo of me taking the photo (so serious), and Adam holding up a mirror as I try to decide how to decorate the room.

Here is the final product of our bar cart (below). Ok, I have to brag about this…see the brass birds in the circle section of the bar cart below? That is not part of the bar cart, I had that decorative object and thought it would give the bar cart a mid-century look. I absolutely love how it turned out. I bought the white parrot at a Goodwill for $2. Also, you’ll notice a tiny part of my drink stirrer collection. On the bottom shelf of the bar cart is a set of mid century glasses we bought in Birmingham and an ice bucket, ceramic deer, and swan serving tray I bought at an antique store in Dothan, Alabama…crazy! Oh, and I paid $90 for the bar cart I found on Facebook Marketplace.

And, I bought another portrait in Dothan, Alabama!!!!!! I think I will name her Miss Hannigan because she looks so serious and strict.

So, I absolutely love lighting/light fixtures. It is my favorite decorating accessory. In fact, every time we move I insist on taking some of my lights with me and now I have too much. But can you really ever have too much??

A dear friend of mine, Linda, sent me a photo of this light fixture someone brought into her church thrift store. She wanted to know what I would price it at. It was a real one-of-a-kind. I told her if she couldn’t sell it, I would buy it. Long story short, it made it’s way from South Florida to Orlando to Tallahassee, Florida where it proudly hangs in my dining room now. I mean, what a show stopper, right?

I need to take a moment and brag on Adam. When we first got married, let’s just say he was kinda handy but more like a bull in a china shop. As the years have gone by, he has turned into a jack-of-all-trades extraordinaire. During our move from Virginia to Florida we had to store our stuff in a Pod for about a month. Our tv stand got damaged because our stuff wasn’t being stored in a controlled climate and quite frankly, the tv stand wasn’t high quality. I think it was particle board covered in laminate (but it looked pretty). I think I paid $40 for it from someone on Facebook Marketplace. I was going to sell the stand for parts but Adam decided he could fix it.

Here is a before picture (below) of the tv stand prior to it getting damaged. After the move the entire back of the stand was warped and the alignment on the drawers got off track and looked crooked:


Adam turned my tv stand into a nightstand! Pretty impressive.

We still have a kitchen to remodel and two bathrooms, and we still have to decorate the space. We decided to turn one of the guest bedrooms into a second living room so Adam and I can watch our shows separate of each other and in peace but you know what that means, more furniture to buy. Darn! 😉

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