The Things we do for Love

Things have been hectic around here as we prepare to move and downsize. I couldn’t bear parting with our full size bedroom suite so we spent the weekend moving it from our Alexandria house to Spotswood. That meant we had to pull out the bedroom set at Spotswood, eesh! I’m going to try and sell the Spotswood bedroom set on Facebbok or Craigslist. I already sold the king box springs and made a profit, cha ching!!!

We close on our new condo this Thursday…feels so quick! In the meantime, we have been shopping for hardwood floors to put in the new condo (currently it has pergo and I just CAN’T). I think we have settled on these.

hardwood floors

Ok, let me provide some context. When we moved into our Alexandria house the floors needed to be refinished. I guess there was some miscommunication between me and the hardwood refinisher because I ended up with light colored floors, not what I wanted. But, I dealt with it. So, what you see installed above are the light colored floors in Alexandria and the two planks in the middle are the new floors we are going to install in our condo. I love the warmer shade. It is really hard to find a warm shade without an orange finish but I think these are going to be perfect! I can’t wait to get them installed…I mean help Adam install 🙂

Anytime we have a long weekend, Adam and I try to pop over to another city close by and do some exploring. Now, we have been to Richmond in the past and had a great time. I have recently started collecting oil portraits; not an easy feat. I mainly find things anywhere but the DC area. I have had my eye on a female portrait in Richmond for months!!!! I asked the seller if she would ship the item and I don’t blame her, she wasn’t interested. So, I kept my eye on the picture vowing to pick it up some time in the future. And it was waiting for me all this time like fate. I finally picked it up this weekend. Meet “Cassandra”.


So, what do you think? Pretty quirky, huh?! Hey, for $8 I could not be happier!

I’ll end with this; Bali. So, next year is a milestone birthday for me and I think we are going to take the plunge and go to Asia. We’re looking at Singapore, Bangkok, and Bali. Anyone been? Any suggestions? I’m having so much fun looking at Airbnb’s in Bali. These places are amazing, no?! Planning this trip is going to bring me so much joy! It definitely will help take my mind off all of the remodeling and house moving. Cheers until next time.


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