It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I thought I would share some of the things I bought for our upcoming trip to Sweden and Germany. I have been putting off clothes shopping for as long as possible but I can’t anymore. My clothes are so tight I had to go up a size 😦 So, most of my purchases have been an entire new winter wardrobe.

I get a new new coat each winter and this year is no different. I love this jacket, it is so warm and lined with white fuzzy material. I will probably stand out like a sore thumb in Europe (everyone will be in black) but oh well. This is from Gap (you will see a lot from Gap). I wasn’t feeling the shopping vibe so I camped out at Gap and went wild.


I had to buy new jeans and went with my go-to favorites, Gap and Lucky Brand. I can’t wear low-rise or mid-rise jeans anymore (boo to the muffin top), so I am loving high waisted jeans. Also, they don’t make petite sizes in this cut so the high waisted ankle jeans fit like regular length jeans on me which is fine by me.


I finally planned ahead and bought a pair of boots which I have been breaking in for a couple weeks. These are Naturalizer brand.

I love plaid/flannel, it is so comfortable. I bought a boyfriend shirt and dress from where else, The Gap. The dress is not nearly as short on me and will look cute with leggings or tights.

I am so in love with long cardigans, partly because they hide hips and thighs, lol. Another Gap purchase…

I love plain striped long sleeved shirts and cowl neck tops. You’ll notice I’m so adventurous with my color scheme.

My hands and feet get so cold when the temperature dips so I spent a lot, I mean a lot of time searching online for gloves and socks. I decided to buy NorthFace running gloves, hey, maybe it will motivate me to go for a run. And, I now know so much about socks. Cotton makes your feet sweat but wool wicks away moisture and helps with odor. I read so many reviews about socks and decided to go with Kirkland Signature Womens Trail wool sock.


Since this is supposed to be a home remodel blog I won’t leave you hanging. I shared before pictures of the bathroom last post (and another one below) so here is the bathroom completely demo-ed. Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating lately. First it was snow and then rain all last weekend. Adam needs to finish the plumbing and can’t get under the house in a down pour so it looks like the bathroom remodel will go on into the new year.



2 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

  1. It’s adorbs, but Word to the wise, I bought a similar jacket and ended up spending several hours with a lint brush trying to get the white fuzzy stuff off all the dark colored tops I wore underneath. Just saying…


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