Magnolia Home

We are finally finished with the kitchen remodel (minus the refrigerator being in place). Next, we turn our attention to the bathroom and we are already looking towards our next remodel. We even went house hunting this weekend. But, before you get all excited, we have some major issues at our “main” house. We have a leak in our roof which is running down the roofline into the wall. We have someone coming to look at it this week but that could potentially be a game changer. I definitely don’t want to have to get a new roof right now but we are going to think positive thoughts. Oh, and our chimney is leaking water when it rains. Home ownership is so frustrating sometimes!

Here are some pictures of the finishing touches of the kitchen. We have all of the baseboards and shoe molding in place.


We added the kick plate underneath the cabinets, along with the shoe molding. We also added cabinet framing to the end of the island. I really like the cabinet frame on the end of the island. I think it gives the island a more finished look.


Kick plate added underneath more cabinets. It looks so much better without a gap underneath the dishwasher.


As I said, we went looking at houses this weekend to find our next project. Here are some contenders (keep an open mind). These are DEFINITELY fixer-uppers.

I think this house has SO MUCH potential. It could be fixed up and look so sharp. We have only seen the outside of it so far so it is too early to tell. The one good thing we noticed is the lot is dry. We got a lot of rain last week and it looks like this lot has pretty good drainage and no water under the house.

home orange

We haven’t seen the inside of this house either but we were able to peak in the windows. This house would need to be completely gutted. We would need to remove walls to open it up. It is small but if configured right, it could live large.

house orange 2

I want to switch gears for a minute. First, let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines, from Fixer Upper fame. I saw their show when it first appeared on HGTV and was immediately hooked. I have watched their show explode in popularity and how their “lifestyle brand” has taken off. They have a B&B, the silos, a bakery, a restaurant, a book, a magazine, a home line at Target, and now they are getting their own television network.

I’m sorry but I have to ask, when is enough enough? Never?? Maybe I am not ambitious enough. I have said if I get to the point where I have $5 million in the bank I will gladly ride off into the sunset. That is my magic number. It is not based on any rationality, it just feels right. It really isn’t any of my business but I have to admit I was kinda disappointed when the Gaines announced they were coming back to tv with their own network. I really like them but I am at my Gaines quota and I don’t want anymore. I’m sure the Gaines are worth way more than $5 million. Maybe their magic number is much higher. I am happy for ALL of their success but enough is enough for me.

So, I”ll end with this…what is your magic number??





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