Secondhand Find of the Week -#2

Sometimes I am never looking for anything specific when I do my daily search for second hand finds and this happens to be one of those times. I think I was scrolling through furniture on Facebook Marketplace when I can across a reproduction mid century modern (MCM) chair. It looked okay in the picture but I couldn’t resist the urge to reach out to see if it was available. I contacted the seller and she said someone was picking it up later in the week and then I did something I have never done before, way bolder than how I normally conduct myself for these kind of purchases…I asked her if she wanted to get it off of her hands sooner because I could pick it up that day. It worked.

I drug Adam with me which he hates doing because it is so confusing finding your way half of the time and  most of these people live in high rises so you have to figure out where the freight elevator is or is it okay to come into the lobby. This trip wasn’t so bad because we were going to Arlington, not DC. I have gotten to point where if I find something in DC I want I have to bribe Adam with the promise of stopping at a bar for a few drinks and appetizers first before picking up my latest find. But it works!

So I picked up my MCM chair for $40 and the process was super easy. Here she is. Look at those pretty lines.




2 thoughts on “Secondhand Find of the Week -#2”

  1. Like the lines of the chair as well…what is the color…every picture looks different, but I like all of them!


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