The House


Here he/she is. White aluminum siding at its finest! Our Little Shop of Horrors is 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom situated on one acre of land. It has good bones once you rip off the Florida room and carport.  This is a pretty bad angle and we have since cut the grass and applied some weed treatment. Why stop now, here’s the rest of the house.


Here is the kitchen looking in from the back door / mud room. On the other side of the kitchen is the dining room.


More of the kitchen. Look at those beautiful floors…not sure if they are vinyl or linoleum. Not to give too much away but we plan to rip the wall out with the cabinets and open the kitchen up.


Here is the kitchen looking in from the dining room. The back door which leads to the Florida room is straight ahead. I have been trying to give away the refirgerator on Craigslist for the past 2 weeks but nobody wants it…it works :-/


Here is the living room dining room combo, looking from the living room into the dining room. Spoiler alert – the corner wall cabinet in the dining room has been ripped out.


Dining room looking into the living room.


Here is the front bedroom. This will eventually be the master room, or owner’s suite if you want to be politically correct.


Another shot of front bedroom. We repainted this room almost the exact same color (we’ll chronicle in a future post). It is a real pretty soft green.


This is the back bedroom, directly behind the front bedroom. Why, why, why would you paint a room that doesn’t get much light red?? And then they didn’t trim it out so the top of the walls are navy. Yikes!


The prior owners were kind enough to leave us that big, bulky bookcase unit. It has already been torn out.


Here is the third bedroom, the smallest of the three and in need of the most work. In the bottom left of the picture is a lovely futon bed left by the preivous owner. It has since been removed.


This bathroom is so tiny but we don’t really have an option to reconfigure without losing a bedroom. We will be completely redoing this room.


This is the Florida room off the back of the house, which will be coming off. The floor is plywood and there is mold and rotten wood. It smells wonderful…


This is the back entrance to the house and the door directly in front leads to the kitchen. There is a huge hole in the ceiling if you look close.


Laundry room – this room will be reconfigured


Back of the house – Florida room will come off and be redone the right way.


This is the backyard. It goes back a pretty good distance. There is a gazebo in the background and a weird fake well thing in the foreground.


This is the front of the house looking toward the street. We are right off a country highway so it isn’t very busy.

After writing captions for each picture I find myself asking, “why did we buy this place????” This is a big job! But we have already made a lot of progress and I have been having so much fun shopping on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. And we throw in a winery visit here and there so maybe things aren’t so bad.

What do you think of our Spotswood House?



1 thought on “The House”

  1. I know you two are up to the challenge and this type project is good for the body and soul. Looking forward to helping a little and seeing the finished project. I could see spending some time here.


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